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Outdoor Flooring For Your Florida Patio 

Let's re-surface your backyard with synthetic grass, or outdoor pavers to transform it into a real Florida Patio.

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Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass can be combined with concrete to give you a modern flooring finish that will last for a long time with low maintenance.

Wood Decking

Decking is the traditional way to build beautiful patio flooring areas, and now you can get the latest synthetic wood for extended life span.

Outdoor Pavers

You can choose alternatives like travertine or other elegant outdoor pavers that will offer you an elegant finish.

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Outdoor Flooring to upgrade or renovate your Patio.

Designing your new patio might require a new surface that complement the landscape to create a modern look.

Florida Patio 504 will provide you the best materials, and professional outdoor flooring installation.

Outdoor Flooring Ideas to transform your back yard.

Synthetic Grass:  Create a contemporary outdoor lounge area by installing artificial grass and adding comfortable seating like as sleek outdoor sofas or lounge chairs. You can also create a small golf course for a weekend fun.

Outdoor Pavers:  Your patio flooring can feature difference geometric pattern using different-colored outdoor pavers adding this way a modern and artistic touch.  Combining outdoor pavers with gravel or pebbles creates a beautiful pathway along the patio edges or using large travertine outdoor pavers gives you patio a sleek and seamless appearance with fewer grout lines. 

Wood Decking:  You can try a minimalist design by using light-colored synthetic wood decking, this will give the patio a contemporary and open feel. Enhance the ambiance with outdoor lighting options, such as LED lights embedded in the decking levels or suspended above the seating area.

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Decorate your new Patio with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass provides you the perfect solution to create a green patio environment without the hassle of mowing, watering, or fertilizing.

Artificial Grass is Maintenance Free

Perfect for Florida's climate, artificial grass is made from durable materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic and retain its color and appearance year-round.  With its realistic look and soft texture, artificial grass creates a comfortable and low-maintenance surface for relaxation and recreation.

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Synthetic turf 

Call it the way you know it better, Synthetic turf or Artificial Grass; it is a beautiful material to design your yard, it is safe, allergen-free, and easy to clean.  Whether you envision a putting green, a pet-friendly play area, or simply a beautiful green space, our artificial grass options will bring your patio to life.

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Decking with Synthetic Wood

Decking offers a warm and inviting aesthetic, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Decking Floors

Decking is a versatile and elegant outdoor flooring option that adds sophistication and charm to your patio.

Our Patio decking solutions include high-quality materials, such as composite or IPC, known for their durability and resistance exposed outdoor to Florida's weather.

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Get a deck that matches your style.

There are various designs and finishes available, to complement the architecture of your home. Decking provides a cozy and safe surface for outdoor furniture, gatherings, and entertainment. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent long-term investment for your patio.

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Outdoor Pavers for your Patio

Outdoor pavers are a popular choice for patio flooring, offering durability, versatility, and a wide range of design options.

Outdoor Pavers Come in Various textures

They come in various shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, allowing you to create a unique and personalized patio flooring design. Made from resistant materials, such as concrete, natural stone, or porcelain, they ensure longevity and resistance to your Florida Patio.  

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Pavers are Safe and Easy to maintain

Outdoor pavers offer excellent grip, making them ideal for areas exposed to moisture or near swimming pools. They are easy to replace if the get damaged, and easy to clean if they get mold. Pavers offer a cost-effective solution and long-term outdoor solution for your Patio.

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Do you need more Flooring Ideas for your Florida Patio?

Adding a modern fountain or a small pond, surrounded by outdoor pavers to add a calming and stylish element to the patio.

Combining concrete with synthetic grass is a beautiful option and a trend to create modern and functional outdoor living space.

  • Changing your Patio Flooring

    Whether you desire a sleek and modern patio or a rustic and natural ambiance, our outdoor pavers will enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

  • Other Ideas to Decorate with Synthetic Turf

    You don't have to get stocked with the Flooring alternatives given with this beautiful synthetic product. We can build complete fences, walls, or decorative pieces to enhance the outdoor look of your new patio.

  • Floor Decking Patio Installation

    With various designs and finishes available, we can customize your deck to match your style and complement the architecture of your home.  With decking we can build pergola flooring, stars, an complete lounge areas that will enhance the beauty of your your new patio.


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Florida Patio 504 will create a 3D render to let you visualize in advance the final result of your Patio Floors.

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Do you need more info about your
Outdoor Flooring Project?

Many of our pergola installation services start with questions. Here there are some frequently asked questions that will help you to get informed or compare Florida Patio 504 with other pergola builders in South Florida.

? What are the best flooring options for an outdoor kitchen?

Popular outdoor flooring options include concrete, natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles, pavers, and composite decking. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to weather conditions.

? Is it necessary to have a specific type of flooring for outdoor kitchens

While specific outdoor flooring options are designed to withstand the elements, the choice ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and the overall design of your outdoor kitchen.

? Which flooring materials are most durable and weather-resistant for outdoor use?

Concrete, natural stone like travertine, and porcelain or ceramic tiles are highly durable and weather-resistant options suitable for outdoor kitchens.

? Are there any flooring options that provide a non-slip surface for safety?

Yes, certain materials like textured concrete, slip-resistant tiles, and composite decking with textured surfaces can provide a non-slip surface, enhancing safety in your outdoor kitchen area.

?Do I need any building permits for new flooring?

If there are permits required for your new deck or flooring project, we will be able to do all the paper work and take care to complying with local rules.

? Can I use natural stone tiles for outdoor kitchen flooring?

Yes, natural stone tiles like granite, travertine, or slate can be excellent choices for outdoor kitchen flooring. They offer durability, natural beauty, and are available in various finishes to provide slip resistance.

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